At Tuleip, we strive to bring cutting-edge AI solutions to freelancers, agencies, businesses and corporates.

 Our goal is to empower you with AI tools and knowledge to boost productivity and efficiency. Explore our three core offerings:

AI Consulting

Our AI Consulting services are designed to help freelancers, agencies, businesses, and corporations seamlessly integrate AI into their daily operations. We tailor our approach to meet the unique needs of each client, ensuring that AI-driven solutions are effectively aligned with your business objectives.

Services Provided

Customized AI Strategy

Development of personalized AI strategies to optimize your business processes.

Implementation Support

Hands-on assistance with AI tool integration and deployment.

Performance Monitoring

Ongoing analysis and optimization to ensure your AI systems deliver maximum value.

Who Can Benefit

Freelancers looking to enhance their service offerings with AI.

Businesses and corporates aiming to leverage AI for better decision-making and productivity.

Agencies seeking to incorporate AI into their marketing, design, and operational workflows.

Workshops & Webinar

Our Workshops and Webinars are curated to provide in-depth knowledge and practical skills in the field of AI. From generative AI to prompt engineering, we cover a wide range of topics to equip you with the future skills needed in AI.

Programs Offered

Generative AI Masterclass

Learn how to create and utilize generative AI models.

Prompt Engineering Workshops

Understand the nuances of crafting effective prompts for various AI applications.

AI Tools Masterclass

Get hands-on experience with the latest AI tools and platforms.

Target Audience


Students from 9th to 12th grades, and college students.


Working professionals and corporate employees looking to upskill.

Job Seekers

Job seekers aiming to enhance their employability with AI skills.


Government departments and other organizations interested in AI adoption.

We are Everywhere

Online Workshops

Flexible and accessible learning from anywhere.

Offline Workshops

In-person sessions for immersive learning experiences.

Top 1% AI Resources

Gain access to our curated collection of top-tier AI resources designed to significantly boost your productivity and effectiveness with AI tools.

Resources Available

AI Prompts

High-quality prompts for various applications to help you get the most out of AI

E-Books and Guides

Comprehensive resources that cover a wide range of AI topics in detail.

Tool Lists

Carefully selected lists of the best AI tools to enhance your workflow.


Instant Productivity Boost
Leverage our resources to immediately improve how you work with AI.
Enhanced Learning
Deepen your understanding and skills with expert-curated content.
Continuous Updates
Stay ahead with regularly updated resources reflecting the latest in AI advancements.

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